Language coaching and cultural training for Expats living in Mexico City

We have created an unorthodox holistic teaching method that focuses on our students’ individual needs. It converges Educational Science, Linguistics, Neurology, Psychology with Mindfulness and Life Coaching techniques.

We use English as a foundation to teach Spanish. We’ll teach you the similarities between both languages creating more organic associations rather than memorization-based learning only.

Your program will be designed based on 2 important things:

-Your Learning Style: we’ll create the materials that will actually make you assimilate the language better. No mass produced teaching techniques here.

-Your experience in Mexico City: Are you here for work? Do you need to get around?

We’ll design your sessions according to the purpose of your stay.

Immersion programs are also available.


Terms and Conditions for Personalized Lessons

-No enrollment fee
-A learning style test will be provided for free
-All materials will be included in your 8-12 hour package
-After payment, you'll have 30 days to finish up your hours
-You'll have to make a reservation every Friday for the upcoming week, otherwise no reservations will be accepted on the running week
-Make it Perfect is under NO obligation to give hours that were not used before the cut off date
-No refunds will be processed
-A free lesson will be provided for every enrolled referral

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